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What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback works with your cell Energy Field by restoring the flow of energy in the body with subtle electrical signals that stimulate a balance response on a cellular level.  Reducing stressors both physically and emotionally.

During Biofeedback, you’re connected to electrical sensors on your head, wrists, and ankles that send my computer information about your body systems. The Biofeedback technology relies heavily on your bodies stress signals. Biofeedback looks at real time stress reactions in your body and gives a total view of where your body is at and the top acute reactivities. During the session I will begin to optimize your acute and chronic reactors in the body.  Our body is run by electrical systems and during biofeedback we are using your nervous system and your cellular electrical makeup to measure where your body is at. In fact, Biofeedback technology analyzes over 11,000 energy signals, which are all potential stressors to the human body. Through the Biofeedback session your body will begin a ripple effect causing the body to shift closer to balance and align your body closer to homeostasis. Removing stress from where it is held in the body, this causes your body to work better, and you can take a deep breathe and start to work on other underlying issues. You will leave feeling refreshed and less stressed. The goal is to step out of a disease model of health and into a wellness model, where you are taking care of empowering yourself. Studies show 70-80% of diseases are directly related to stress. Prolonged periods of stress activate the stress-response system and causes overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones which can disrupt almost all your body’s processes. This puts you at increased risk of many health problems, including: anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches, sleep problems, heart disease, weight gain, memory and concentration impairment.  During biofeedback you learn to decrease your stress through: Stress Reduction, Muscle Reeducation, Relaxation Training, Pain Management and Brainwave Relaxation Training.

The payoff of managing and reducing stress can be enormous, even by assisting your body to do what it was designed to do which is balance itself and maintain your health.

Who is a Good Candidate for Biofeedback?

  • People with depression, multiple body aches, headaches, pain, sleep issues, focus issues, and recovery after chemotherapy.
  • Biofeedback is also effective in decreasing cigarette nicotine cravings, with the end result in stopping smoking.
  • People who struggle with weight loss.  Biofeedback can balance cortisol, help to regulate metabolism and carbohydrate cravings and when combined with healtly nutrition and supplements people see amazing results.
  • Animals can benefit greatly from biofeedback helping to relieve pain and balancing out their bodies.

Biofeedback is going to help your body to relax and bring it back into balance by reeducating your muscles and reducing stress in your body at an energetic level.